Our Process

1. Visit

  • Make an appointment with one of our designers in our 4,200 sq. ft showroom. We will discuss your expectations, style, desired functionality of the future remodeled space and budget.
  • Explore our showroom! We offer a wide variety of products; cabinets, countertops, tile, plumbing and lighting fixtures, as well as, hardware.

2. Create the Design

  • As a custom remodel design group, we highly encourage our team to visit your home early on in the process. We will take accurate measurements, while confirming your remodel goals are possible.
  • A designer and project manager will visit your home for a onetime measure fee.
  • Your designer will hand draw the existing floor plan and develop a proposed floor plan.

3. Time to Review

  • After 5-7 business days from the job measure appointment in your home, we will invite you back to the showroom to review the design and proposal.
  • Your designer will input the hand drawn plans into a computer generated design program. This allows us to present 3D renditions of your space.
  • You and your designer will polish your plan, whether changes are made in material selections or a layout configuration, we are happy to complete revisions until the design is perfect for you.

4. Finalize

  • Once you are satisfied with your proposed design it is now time to complete your order!
  • Your designer will finalize all material selections with you and a 50% deposit is necessary to place the order.

5. That’s A Wrap!

  • Your designer will remain very much involved in your project until it is finished. We will schedule deliveries and help answer questions along the way.
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